Q: Why did Gateway form an education foundation?

Public funding is vital to the day-to-day operations of a public school system. But tax dollars do not pay for beneficial "extras"--such as grants to teachers to cover the costs of materials needed for special, innovative lessons. We have created a foundation to raise monies to enhance the educational opportunities for Gateway students.

Gateway has also had occasions when community members wanted to give the district stocks or property to help with funding. By law, a public school district cannot accept such items--but a foundation can!

Finally, there are a number of corporate or business grants that schools cannot apply to, but a foundation would be eligible.

Q: How do I join the Gateway Education Foundation?

Anyone who contributes a minimum of $10 or more is a member of the Gateway Education Foundation. Please see our "Donate" page for more information. Anyone who contributes time, talent, services or materials to the foundation will be named a Sponsor. If the Sponsor is a business, we will offer a link from our website to theirs.

Q: what are the expectations of our members?

Members and sponsors are asked to support the mission of the Gateway Education Foundation (GEF) with a donation of time, or resources, or both. The Gateway Education Foundation may hold fundraisers such as the Shipman Memorial Concert. Members are invited to help with fundraisers, serve as "friend-raisers" (by informing others about the work of the foundation), or serve on the Foundation's Board of Directors. If you are interested in helping the Gateway Education Foundation, call 685-1400 to speak with staff.