To date, 97 Projects Have Been Funded,Totaling $97,289

Here is a Listing of Projects Funded by the Gateway Education Foundation ( Funds for Learning Program)

FY’20 - 2 projects totaling $1,875

Chester Books & Pops, Summer Reading - $375

Read Across Littleville, Summer Reading - $1500

FY'19 - 11 projects totaling $42,068

The Road to Ellis Island - $900 (Middle School)

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary Naturalist - $800 (Littleville Elementary School)

Best Buddies Enrichment Grant - $1,250 (High School)

Career Development Education - $1,100 (High School)

Alternative Seating and Work Surfaces - $600 (Littleville Elementary School)

Pawsome Reading Challenge (2nd Award) - $250 (Littleville Elementary School)

Competition Band & Choral Trip (2nd Award) - $500 (High School)

Upgrade to Gateway Performing Arts Center - $30,000 (District, funded via Donation to GEF)

Summer Reading Program - $1,000 (Littleville Elementary School)

Summer Reading Program - $375 (Chester Elementary School)

Family Literacy Book Tasting - $400(Chester Elementary School)

Pawsome Reading Challenge - $1,400 (Littleville Elementary School)

“The Yellow Dress” - $1,125 (High School)

Chimney Corners STEM Overnight - $800 (Chester Elementary School)

“A World of Music” All School Musical - $184 (Chester Elementary School)

2 Musicals - $184 (Littleville Elementary School)

Band & Choral Competition Trip - $1,000 (High School)

MIAA Student Ambassador Program - $200 (High School)

FY'18 - 19 projects totaling $20,442

Virtual Reality Goggles - $6,297 (District, funded via Mass 1to1 Donation to GEF)

Ukuleles! - $550 (Middle School)

Summer Reading Program - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Family Literacy Night - $200 (Chester Elementary School)

Pawsome Reading Challenge & Literacy Night - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Lifeskills Vocational Training at Gateway Student Store - $1,500 (High School)

Chimney Corners Overnight Trip - $800 (Chester Elementary School)

Wright! Brothers Musical - $150 (Chester Elementary School)

On Broadway! & Swamped! Musicals - $170 (Littleville Elementary School)

Living Through the Holocaust - $375 (High School)

Xylophone Project - $1,700 (Elementary Schools)

PreK/K Playground Fun - $800 (Littleville Elementary School)

MIAA Student Ambassador Program - $610 (High School)

Family Math Night - $985 (Littleville Elementary School)

AP U. S. History Study Guides - $375 (High School)

Pawsome Reading Challenge 2 - $750 (Littleville Elementary School)

Broadway WICKED Choral Workshop - $120 (High School)

FY'17 - 17 projects totaling $10,717

Summer Reading Program - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Summer Reading Program - $250 (Chester Elementary School)

4th Annual School-Wide Musical - $650 (Chester Elementary School)

Family Math Game Night - $800 (Chester & Littleville Schools)

Reading Rocks - $1000 (Littleville Elementary School)

Tales for the Earth - $392 (Chester Elementary School)

Tune the Bands - $300 (Littleville, MS and High School)

Mindfulness & Leisure Activities - $325 (Chester Elementary School)

Pots on Wheels - $1500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Spring Family Literacy Night - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

GSA Jacoby Ballard Workshop - $250 (High School)

Turtle Habitat - $1200 (High School)

"Creature Teacher" Visit - $300 (Littleville Elementary School)

"The Portal" Author Visit - $300 (Middle School)

Overnight STEM, Becket Chimney Corners - $800 (Chester Elementary School)

Model United Nations - $1500 (High School)

Holocaust Survivor Interview via Distance Learning - $150 (High School)

FY'16 - 15 projects totaling $6398

Summer Reading Program - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Interdisciplinary Study of the Key Stone Arch Bridges - $600 (Jr. High School)

2nd Annual Reading Challenge - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Earth Space Science Enrichment Project - $300 (Littleville Elementary School

3rd Annual School-Wide Musical - $800 (Chester Elementary School)

STEM Materials: Finch Robots, Chibitronics & Bottle Rockets - $808 (Jr. & Sr. High School)

Improvisation Seminar for Vocalists - $100 (Sr. High School)

Insulated (Container) Homes - $500 (Middle School)

Museum on the Go - Reptile Encounters - $350 (Littleville Elementary School)

Books and Blankets Family Literacy Night - $500 (Littleville Elementary School)

Half-Sleepover Night - $250 (Chester Elementary School)

Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Company to Gateway - $600 (Jr. and Sr. High Schools)

Healthy Stress Management - $600 (Chester Elementary School)

FY'15 - 11 projects totaling $6,131

Summer Reading Program - $500 (Chester & Littleville Elementary Schools)

Half-Million Minute Reading Challenge - $400 (Chester & Littleville Elementary Schools)

Robotics Lego Mindstorm Kits - $850 (Jr. and Sr. High Schools)

Becket Chimney Corners - Collaboration Nation Project - $1900 (Jr. High)

Building a Hydraulic Robot Arm - $180 (Sr. High School)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Lessons - $225 (Jr. and Sr. High Schools)

Choreography Master Class for Show Choir - $160 (Sr. High School)

Trip to Arcadia Sanctuary to Study Vernal Pools - $360 (Littleville ES, Grade 1)

Charlie Brown & the Peanuts Musical - $770 (Chester Elementary School)

Computer Speakers for Smart Music Program Upgrade - $300 (Jr. & Sr. High Schools)

Lifeskills Classroom Summer Trip to Westfield State University - $485 (Sr. High School)

FY ' 14 - 11 Projects totaling $10,899

Liz's Literacy Summer Reading Program - $500 (Chester Elementary School)

History/Science/ELA Keystone Arches Study - $610 (Jr. High - Grade 8) 

Glass Fusion Unit for Art Classes - $620 (Jr. High - Grade 8) 

Visit by Mt. Everest Climber/Author/Photographer Ed Webster - $2770 (All Schools & Community)

Gateway to Gardening - $500 (Sr. High School's Organic, Heirloom Garden)

"Really Rosie" Musical - 700 (Chester Elementary School)

BINGO for Books - $478 (Chester & Littleville Elementary School)

STEM Wind Energy Unit - $267 (Sr. High School)

Children's Author Billy Steers - $540 (Littleville Elementary School, Grade 1)

Grammy Winner Joseph Firecrow - $750 (Jr. & Sr. High Schools)

Model United Nations Club to Boston College Conference - $2,750 (Sr. High School)

FY ' 13 - 4 Projects totaling $2460

Field Trip to NYC Bodies Exhibit - $500 (Sr. High School)

Field Trip to Mark Twain House - $835 (Sr. High School)

Healthy Cooking and Eating Program - $375 (Middle School - After-School Program)

Hitchcock Center Ecologist for Backyard Habitat Program - $750 (Littleville ES, Grade 1)


The Shipman Memorial Fund was established to honor the memory of Robert Hadden Shipman (1949-2012) who taught Social Studies in the Gateway Regional School District for most of his career. Rob's many contributions to Gateway included serving as the Adviser to the Tech Crew of of the original Cafetorium, and later the Gateway Performing Arts Center. In fact, Rob had a hand in the design of the sound and lighting systems used in the auditorium and trained countless students to support music and drama performances, lectures, and presentations in the GPAC. His fund has purchased numerous improvements in the technical systems of the auditorium, including lapel microphones, a DVD player, a movable spotlight and a portable sound board. To date, Rob's fund has raised nearly $11,000 and sustained Rob's incredible legacy to Gateway.


Years ago, the local American Legion Auxiliary provided funding to send a Gateway girl to Massachusetts Girls State...that is, until the organization disbanded many years ago. In June, 2015 the Huntington Historical Society voluntary sponsored a Gateway girl, while asking other individuals and organizations to take a turn in subsequent years. To that end, the Gateway Education Foundation established a dedicated Girls State fund to collect and disburse donations to continue this opportunity. In June 2016, Gateway started sending TWO girls to Girls State. This continues to be supported by donations from individuals and civic groups (Norwich Hill Congregational Church, Russell First). If you wish to donate for this purpose, please note "Girls State" on the memo of your check, payable to the Gateway Education Foundation.


The Gateway Education Foundation established a revolving fund--using over $3,000 in ticket sales and sales of commemorative buttons and DVDs--for Gateway's 50th Anniversary Celebration during the 2013-14 school year. Events included an All-Class Reunion, Alumni Band Concert, 'Gateway Day' at the Blandford Ski Area, an Alumni Chorus, a commemorative legislative citation and an address by the President of the Class of '64 at the 2014 Graduation. 

(last updated 2/8/18)